“The joint was jumpin’ as 1000+ students from Brevard County converged on the King Center Melbourne, FL for the Houston-based SOUL STREET DANCE COMPANY.  The four-man troupe lit the place up in short order.  In fact, I’ve attended Van Halen concerts at which the crowd lacked the enthusiasm of these young fans.”
Christopher Long

“Javier, Rock, Cedric, and Roy were absolutely fantastic (as I knew they would be)!  They connected well with the students and did an amazing job teaching dance workshops.  They were very well received at the all-school assembly.  It was both entertaining and educational.  I’ve already heard a lot of positive feedback from both the students and the school administration.”
Lori Grinnell
Monroe Arts Center in Monroe, WI

“They were princes!  Performances were packed and workshops were great.  Kids and teachers couldn’t stop talking about them.  I definitely want them back for a week-long residency.”
Bert Goldstein
Wharton Center in East Lansing, MI

“SOUL STREET is one of my VERY favorite groups that have ever come to Wadesboro and I am so glad that I was able to bring them back.  They are an excellent group – inspirational for students!  Fun for everyone!”
Catherine Crandell
Anson County Arts Council in Wadesboro, NC

“Even the ushers raved about it.  I’m sure the kids went back to school and told everyone else how much they missed”.
Linda Hanson, Education Director
Coral Springs Center for the Arts in Coral Springs, FL

“Over their 3-day residency, SOUL STREET DANCE taught and performed for approximately 4500 kids. We were also delighted that there were 111 passes used by students who had seen SOUL STREET earlier in the week for their culminating final evening “Breakin’ Backwards” family concert.”
Carolyn Deuel
Artcore in Casper, WY

“SOUL STREET DANCE consistently displayed a positive attitude and sincerely appreciated being in our theatre.  In addition to their amazing talent – which clearly inspired our young audiences – they were ideal guests.”
William Wood, Executive Director
Alberta Bair Theater in Billings, MT